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Bellow Boots for Industrial Equipment

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Bowcorp bellow boots are a practical, economical, and easy way to protect your machinery from a wide variety of invasive elements.

Equipment commonly used in foundries, steel mills, cement plants, well-drilling sites, grinding rooms, power stations, and chemical plants receives protection with Bowcorp bellow boots.

Features and Benefits of Bowcorp Bellow Boots

  • Bowcorp bellow boots are custom manufactured to your exact specification.
  • Bowcorp bellow boots protect your machinery from molten splash, dust, water, steam, sparks, grease, sand and oil.
  • Accessories are available for applications, such as screen vents for breathing and grommets for guide rod supports.
  • Zippers or Velcro can be incorporated to keep downtime to a minimum or ease installation when machinery is difficult to disassemble.
  • Bowcorp has stocking programs available to reduce your inventory costs.
  • All Bowcorp products are fully warranted against defects in material and/or workmanship.

When ordering bellow boots, simply supply Bowcorp with the following information:


When sending email, please provide Bowcorp with your name, company name, address and phone number.

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